Support Random Sena Against Elvish Yadav

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Support Random Sena Against Elvish yadav
Random Sena


Support Random Sena Against Elvish Yadav Support Random Sena Against Elvish Yadav Random Sena is Community that supports Hinduism and taking action against who makes insult of Hindu community or disrespect our Gods by using Abusing langauages, and in passed Random sena has forced 100+ influncer to delete the abusing Anti Hindu posts and 63+ Adharmis were arrested by Random sena.

What is the Actual Matter

Support Random Sena Against Elvish Yadav

It Started from past when Munawar Faruqui has disrespect our gods by saying abusing words. munawar is a guy who has disrespect our lords many times in Standup comedy.

You all Know about Elvish Yadav, elvish yadav has started his journey from Youtube and then after he grow up from some music videos and in 2023 he was in Bigg boss17 . Elvish yadav says he is a kattar hindu every time in front of media and on he vechiles wrote he is a kattar hindu . In ISPL T10 match Elvish yadav has hugged Munawar Faruqui is it right Behaviour from elvish yadav that he hugged that person who has disrespect our gods many times if this is right then how elvish is Kattar hindu ?

What Random Sena Asked from Elvish Yadav ?

when this incident got viral and it comes front of Random sena, Random sena says Elvish yadav that to say sorry for this behaviour. Elvish yadav says NO I did not say sorry to any one

Some kattar hindus are supported to Random Sena like Hindustani Bhau Are you supporting Random Sena ?


In this content I just explain all matter and cleared all the matter that was happened between Random Sena and Elvish yadav.


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