Rajveer Sisodia Accepted Challenge of Rajat Dalal

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Rajveer Sisodia Accepted Challenge of Rajat Dalal ,Rajat dalal give a Open Challenge to Rajveer Sisodia to fight One on One, and Rajveer Sisodia Accepted the challenge of Rajat dalal and in past video of Rajat dalal says that he wants 2 Vs 1 fight, one is Rajveer and another guy was not reveal from Rajat dalal.

Rajveer Sisodia accepted the challenge of fight. by saying I am ready to fight with rajat dalal, and he is really from Jaat community then dont move back from his words that he says in live video so rajveer sisodia warned to rajat that be stable on your words. rajveer say I accepted your challenge and 1 is me and the 2nd guy choosing option is depend on you.

Rajat Dalal choose Aadi Nagar as a 2nd opponent

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