Mumbai Faces 10% Water Cut Amid Drastic Shortage: BMC Issues Urgent Warning

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      Mumbai Faces 10% Water Cut Amid Drastic Shortage: BMC Issues Urgent Warning
Mumbai Faces 10% Water Cut Amid Drastic Shortage: BMC Issues Urgent Warning


Mumbai, the bustling economic hub of India, is grappling with a severe water crisis following a recent fire incident at the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s (BMC) Pies waterThe reduction in water supply is necessitated by the rehabilitation and strengthening work scheduled for a 600mm old inlet water main during this period. pumping station. This crisis has prompted the BMC to announce significant cuts in water supply across Mumbai and its neighboring regions until March 5.

Details of the Announcement:

Extent of Supply Cuts: The BMC has declared a 15% reduction in water supply to Mumbai city, western suburbs, and eastern suburbs until March 5, 2024.  

Impact of the Fire Incident:

The fire at the Pies water pumping station led to disruptions in water supply ranging from 30 to 100% in various parts of Mumbai and the eastern suburbs.

Restoration Efforts:

Despite the challenges, the BMC has restored operations of two transformers and 15 pumps at the Pies water pumping station. By February 27, eight out of 20 pumps were functional, with additional pumps being activated gradually.
Future Restoration Plans: The BMC anticipates commissioning the third transformer by March 5, which is expected to alleviate the water shortage situation.
Communication Channels: The BMC has utilized social media platforms like X to disseminate information about the water supply cuts to the residents of Mumbai.

        Mumbai Faces 10% Water Cut Amid Drastic Shortage: BMC Issues Urgent Warning

Impact on Thane Region:

Water Cut in Thane: Following the incident, the Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) has enforced a 50% reduction in water supply in the Thane region.
Reason for Cut: The fire incident not only disrupted water supply in the eastern suburbs but also affected the distribution from Golanji, Fosberry, Rawli, and Bhandarwara reservoirs in Thane city.
Call for Conservation: Both the BMC and TMC have urged citizens to use water judiciously during this period of reduced supply to mitigate the impact of the crisis.


Mumbai Faces 10% Water Cut Amid Drastic Shortage: BMC Issues Urgent Warning

Affected Areas:

Gazdharbandh & Dandapada
Khar West
Kantwadi & Sherli Rajan
Part of Bandra West
Dilip Kumar Zone                                                   strikes-…ssive-fire-engul/
Kol Dongri Zone
Zig-Zag Road Zone
Pali Mala area
Union Park area
Quantifying the Shortage:

Daily Supply: The BMC typically supplies 3850 million liters of water per day to Mumbai.
Yearly Requirement: Lakes need a cumulative stock of 14,47,363 million liters for the entire year.
Current Storage: With only 9.76% of useful water storage left (out of 1,41,242 million liters), the city has enough water to last for approximately 40 days.

Weather Forecast Concerns:

Initial Forecast: In May, meteorological forecasts suggested an early arrival of the monsoons, with 99% of yearly rains expected in the following four months.
Reality: Contrary to expectations, the anticipated rainfall has not materialized, exacerbating the water shortage situation.
Future Projections: If the dry spell persists for the next 15-20 days, the looming water shortage is poised to create significant challenges for city dwellers, warn officials.

Urgent Call for Conservation:

The BMC urges residents of Mumbai and the MMR to exercise extreme caution in water usage to avert a looming crisis.
Any negligence or wastage of water could exacerbate the situation further, leading to potentially dire consequences in the near future.

Resumption of Regular Supply:

Regular water supply to the H/West Ward will resume on Monday, March 11, 2024.


The water scarcity gripping Mumbai and its surrounding regions underscores the critical need forThe temporary water cut in Mumbai’s H/West Ward is a necessary measure to facilitate infrastructure improvement works. Residents of the affected areas are advised to plan accordingly and conserve water during this period. sustainable water management practices and heightened conservation efforts. As authorities grapple with the challenge of meeting the city’s water demands amidst dwindling reserves, cooperation from residents becomes paramount in mitigating the impact of the crisis

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