Gold Rate Fluctuations in Major Indian Cities Over the Last 10 Days

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Introduction: Over the past 10 days, gold prices in major Indian cities have exhibited fluctuations influenced by various economic factors and market dynamics. Understanding these fluctuations is crucial for investors and consumers alike. Let’s delve into the detailed analysis of gold rate changes in key cities.

Gold Rate Fluctuations in Major Indian Cities Over the Last 10 Days

Overview of Gold Rates (22K and 24K) in New Delhi:

Date Standard Gold (22K) (8 grams) Pure Gold (24K) (8 grams)
20 Feb 24 ₹ 46,680 (80 ▼) ₹ 49,016 (80 ▼)
19 Feb 24 ₹ 46,760 (200 ▲) ₹ 49,096 (208 ▲)
18 Feb 24 ₹ 46,560 (0) ₹ 48,888 (0)
17 Feb 24 ₹ 46,560 (80 ▲) ₹ 48,888 (80 ▲)

Analysis and Insights:

  • Trend Analysis: The gold rates in New Delhi have experienced fluctuation over the past 10 days, with both upward and downward trends observed.
  • Price Variations: The prices of both standard (22K) and pure (24K) gold have seen changes, ranging from ₹46,560 to ₹46,760 for 22K gold and ₹48,888 to ₹49,096 for 24K gold.
  • Factors Influencing Fluctuations: Various factors such as global demand, exchange rates, interest rates, and governmental regulations contribute to these fluctuations.

Gold Rates in Major Indian Cities (20 Feb 24):

City Gold Rate (per 10 grams, 22 carats) Silver Rate (per kg)
Bangalore ₹63,319 (-₹276)
Chennai ₹63,753 (+₹1,084)
Delhi ₹64,002 (+₹592) ₹75,900
Kolkata ₹63,071 (-₹586) ₹75,900
Mumbai ₹63,878 (+₹159) ₹75,900
Pune ₹63,567 (-₹152)


Understanding the fluctuations in gold rates is essential for investors and consumers to make informed decisions. Factors such as global economic conditions and market trends significantly impact gold prices. Monitoring these fluctuations over time helps in devising effective investment strategies and making wise purchasing decisions in the precious metals market.

Disclaimer: The gold rates mentioned above are subject to change and may vary based on market conditions and other external factors. Investors are advised to conduct thorough research or consult financial experts before making any investment decisions.


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