“Deepening Nationwide Water Crisis: Southern States Remain Vulnerable”

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Deepening Nationwide Water Crisis

Deepening Nationwide Water Crisis in the latest bulletin from the Central Water Commission (CWC) unveils a concerning trend of diminishing water storage across 150 reservoirs in India. Southern states, in particular, face exacerbated water scarcity compared to their northern counterparts.

Released on Thursday, the CWC bulletin highlights a significant reduction in available storage, measured in billion cubic meters (BCM). The current live storage stands at 39.765 BCM, merely 22 percent of the total reservoir capacity. This marks a stark decline from last year’s storage of 50.549 BCM and falls below the 10-year average of 42.727 BCM.

The implications of this dwindling water supply are profound, as evidenced by long queues for water, instances of heat exhaustion, and escalating inter-state disputes. Despite certain rivers like the Ganga and its tributaries boasting above-average water capacity this year, reservoirs in the region struggle to store adequate water.

As the water crisis intensifies, urgent measures are required to address the growing demand and ensure equitable distribution of this essential resource across the nation.

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